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    Unexpected You (2012)

    Unexpected You (2012)

    Watch Unexpected You Full Movie Online free in HD,Now he has a family! Now she has in-laws! Grandmother-in-law, mother-in-law and three sisters-in-law! The whole package just rolls into her life!! Growing up, Cha Yoon Hee had suffered enough from family conflicts between her mother and her paternal grandmother. She doesn?t want to get married so that she wouldn?t have any in-laws to cause trouble. However, she meets the perfect match ? A Korean-American adoptee currently working at a general hospital in Seoul. He?s smart and his family lives in New York. Isn?t he the perfect bridegroom? It seemed like Yoon Hee could go on with happy honey moon life forever. However, fate isn?t usually that kind. Her husband finds his biological family, which means Yoon Hee now has in-laws. What is worse and unbelievable is that her in-laws are the next-door neighbors who pick fights with Yoon Hee all the time. Yoon Hee?s life with in-laws starts like this. Living with enemies as one family.. Would it ever be possible?

    Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family

    Production Country: Korea

    Rating: 6.4

    Actors: Jang Yong, Youn Yuh Jung, Yu Jun Sang, Kang Bu Ja, Kim Nam Joo

    Release: 2012

    Runtime: 60 min

    Quality: HD